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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ordering Custom Women's Suits

For years custom suit has been a service relished by male executives:
Although the look and fit of custom suits do wonders for most males, nowhere is a women's counter-part more needed. As women have more diversity when it comes to their figure, it becomes a troublesome task to find an off-the-rack custom women's suits suit that fits perfectly and also styled accordingly.

Custom women's suits:
In contrast to custom men's suits, where quality of the suit depends on the skills and process put into it, custom women's suits are a little different. This industry is basically new, providing their customers with the best outcome of the different processes sans the pretensions neighboring its men's counterpart. Understanding the following two processes for custom women's suits can help you a great deal in finding the best fit and style for your needs.

Bespoke is the traditional way that goes into the making of custom suits. In this process tailor starts by taking the required measurement to create an imperfect or a rough pattern. Then a best  garment is tailored womens shirts  which is used for fitting. This 'half tailored suit' is the major thing that differentiates the bespoke process from all other custom processes. Depending on the body, the fittings are made over the baste garment to perfect the pattern.

This is a fairly new process to the industry. Compared to bespoke, it is more time and cost effective way to create both custom suits. In this process raw measurements are taken and the required patterns are digitally drafted. Unlike its counterparts, wherein the ready-made patterns are revised to customers' measurements, this process starts from a new pattern. Therefore, similar to bespoke, custom also allows the suit to take all possible design. Digital drafting is the major difference between custom and bespoke.
Women’s custom clothing  are on a rise. While there are numerous body types and outfit pattern cuts, choosing the right jacket length, lapels, colors and patterns can do wonders to your style statement. As they say, a perfect outfit is the secret to confidence.


  1. With custom womens suits, you can be sure that it will fit you perfectly. You can also add some designs to make your suit unique.