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Thursday, 1 November 2012

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New York, New York – March 26, 2009 - Keith Lloyd Couture’s co-founder, Tyrone Whittle, was featured in the March ‘09 issue of GQ Magazine themed “The 10 Most Stylish Men in America”. Tyrone was dressed in a sophisticated Keith Lloyd Couture ensemble from the Fall/Winter collection: 2-button, single breasted Cashmere and Silver Mink Super 140’s suit, an engraved Bengali striped Sea Island cotton shirt, raw silk seven-fold tie, and luxurious Escorial Wool top coat.
Keith Lloyd Couture is one of New York’s premier new fashion houses, combining fashion design and bespoke tailoring for both men and women. Client’s get a unique shopping experience in the comfort of their living room that to some may be the next best thing to going to a New York Fashion Week Runway show! The company’s in-house fashion designers create design collections, and then conveniently visit clients in their home (or other location of choice) to choose designs to create an entire wardrobe of clothing that is hand tailored to perfection from some of the most luxurious fabrics in the world.
The GQ feature is a fitting endorsement of the timeless elegance of the Keith Lloyd Couture brand. Scott Schuman, contributing editor for GQ, says of Tyrone’s ensemble, “(very well-cut) suit to communicate wealth and finesse.”
With Keith Lloyd Couture, clients get designs they like that are impeccably hand tailored to fit their body type. They can truly elevate their wardrobe with well fitted, uniquely designed clothing. Lines include business wear, select casual wear, outerwear and formalwear.
The company is only in its third year and already clients include CEOs and top executives of major corporations, and New York City socialites. They have dressed the winner of NBC’s Donald Trump Apprentice, co-hosted an Apprentice victory party, hosted private trunk shows and donated to auctions/galas in Manhattan and the Hamptons with notable guests including First Lady of New York Michelle Paige Paterson, and former basketball star Allen Houston.

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