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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

HOW TO WEAR IT: Hero Jewelry

Nothing makes a confident style splash like a dramatic piece of hero jewelry – whether it’s a earlobe-stretching pair of chandelier earrings or a gigantic pendant, making a bold statement is a seriously on-trend way of offsetting your outfit either day or night. Follow our rules here and you’ll be sure to nail your look.

To strike the right balance, let one piece do the talking though by keeping everything else minimal and not overloading with baubles. Think: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s – her showstopping giant pearl choker was offset by dainty studs. Alicia Keys rocked a chunky choker perfectly with minimal jewelry at the MTV EMA’s on Sunday.

Similarly, if you have a gobstopper of a cocktail ring then be sure to work with a discreet bangle and keep the rest of your hands clutter-free. Alternatively, stacked up cuffs and bracelets are big news for Fall but if you indulge in the trend don’t let them compete with fussy finger adornments.

The same rules apply to clothing and grooming as well, keep colors solid or neutral if wearing a statement necklace or pendant and hair up and away from the neck to let your earrings take all the glory. Floral crowns are a huge trend right now: Alexa Chung and singer Pixie Lott let theirs shine with barely-there make up. Alternatively, Karolina Kurkova  got it right at The PeaceEarth Foundation’s Fundraising Gala; her dainty pair of drop studs offset dramatic red lips and shimmering gown.

A gigantic brooch is a fantastic way to top off an outfit whether on a lapel or scarf but be sure other jewelry doesn’t steal its thunder. Above all, have fun with your jewels!


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