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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

HOW TO WEAR IT: Hero Jewelry

Nothing makes a confident style splash like a dramatic piece of hero jewelry – whether it’s a earlobe-stretching pair of chandelier earrings or a gigantic pendant, making a bold statement is a seriously on-trend way of offsetting your outfit either day or night. Follow our rules here and you’ll be sure to nail your look.

To strike the right balance, let one piece do the talking though by keeping everything else minimal and not overloading with baubles. Think: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s – her showstopping giant pearl choker was offset by dainty studs. Alicia Keys rocked a chunky choker perfectly with minimal jewelry at the MTV EMA’s on Sunday.

Similarly, if you have a gobstopper of a cocktail ring then be sure to work with a discreet bangle and keep the rest of your hands clutter-free. Alternatively, stacked up cuffs and bracelets are big news for Fall but if you indulge in the trend don’t let them compete with fussy finger adornments.

The same rules apply to clothing and grooming as well, keep colors solid or neutral if wearing a statement necklace or pendant and hair up and away from the neck to let your earrings take all the glory. Floral crowns are a huge trend right now: Alexa Chung and singer Pixie Lott let theirs shine with barely-there make up. Alternatively, Karolina Kurkova  got it right at The PeaceEarth Foundation’s Fundraising Gala; her dainty pair of drop studs offset dramatic red lips and shimmering gown.

A gigantic brooch is a fantastic way to top off an outfit whether on a lapel or scarf but be sure other jewelry doesn’t steal its thunder. Above all, have fun with your jewels!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Women’s Trend Focus: Wet Look Leather

High gloss leather is a huge story for fall 2012 with super-shiny skins appearing on the runways of Thakoon, Tommy Hilfiger and Acne.


                   Tommy Hilfiger


The full-on gloss look will be sure to make a bold style statement, however if the ultra-polished effect is too outré for your tastes you can opt for a more subtle taken on the trend. Marni and Jil Sander presented tow-tone garments with a combination of leather paneling and wool or jersey which underscores the look without heading into Gothic territory.


                     Jil Sander

Our worsted wool jacket with exaggerated patent leather lapel is a perfect way to dip into the trend. Pair with our tapered, skinny back wool pants featuring patent leather patches for head-to-toe leather perfection!

For the less brave, alternatively, simple dangle a high gloss bag from your shoulder for easy shiny chic!

BEAUTY FOCUS: Lips For Fall 2012

Get your lips primed for color this Fall 2012 as make-up artists experimented with all manner of hues. From chocolates and berry’s to bold pops of vivid tint, be prepared to make a lip-smacking statement!

At Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Rochas rich, berry tones looked warm and seasonal.



Bottega Veneta

Givenchy and Etro’s chocolate lips look inviting!



Red was the order of the day at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci, Monique Lhullier.   What shade will you be wearing this Fall?

Nina Ricci

Monique Lhullier

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Custom Dress Shirts Online, Custom Made Shirts

Nothing means business like a three piece suit. It’s a look which dictates, “I’m in charge” and conjures up images of power brokers, ruthless CEO’s and mega attorney’s pounding the boardroom and courtroom corridors. The holy trinity of super-sharp blazer, pants and vest were all over the Fall 2012 runways and the buttoned-up, turned-out silhouette can look as classic or contemporary as you like.
The opportunities are endless with a three piece; this season fresh interpretations included contrasting tweed / cord combinations and quirky fabrics like leather vests. Of course the traditional matching vest-pants-jacket look is timeless and the simplest way to dip your toe in the three way love affair.
One of the advantages of a three piece suit is their versatility. The elements can be broken down to create varying looks. Leaving the vest at home will de-formalize your look. Try wearing the vest on its own with a T shirt underneath or with jeans for a smart-casual vibe.
Be brave and be bold but remember, nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting suit – protruding stomachs and gaping blazers will never be chic. Make sure your jacket is fitted, you most definitely don’t want a saggy layered look.
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Custom Shirts, Custom Suits

What does your suit say about you? It’s one thing having your perfectly tailored suit but to look your most impeccable a gentleman should underscore their style with the correct accessories. They should never be thought of as an afterthought; accessories are the essential punctuation marks to your finished look. Occasion is everything. Boardroom or sidewalk? Dinner party or wedding? The first step is to know yourself and what your style should be communicating. Take care of the finer details and your style will take care of itself.
Timepiece: Understated chic or bold splashy statement? Your watch says more about you than almost any other accessory. If you can only invest in one timepiece be sure to get it right. A chronograph is always a failsafe model.
Neckwear: Unless you’re going for the kooky scientist look, bowties only work at dinner or if you’re a quirky hipster. A well shaped necktie is always the best option. Make sure you choose silk, anything else will look cheap. Know which width suits you best; narrow ties will always work better with slim suits and vice versa. A cravat is an elegant, dandyish yet dapper alternative to ties, just be sure it’s of a contrasting color to your shirt.
Handkerchief: Make like Don Draper with a simple pocket square, nothing says sophistication better. For more flamboyance go for a multiple-pointed option or a patterned, plumed hanky is and ideal way to channel your inner dandy.
Socks: Socks are where you can really let your personality shine. They’re your opportunity to get playful. Want to stand out from the crowd? Choose fun colors or patterns but always team them with a plain suit. Save whites for the gym and never wear to the office. Key rule is never match: always contrast.
Footwear: Quality is everything. A woman never fails to notice a man’s shoes and a gentleman should never underestimate the importance of being well-heeled at all times. Investing in a smart brogue, Oxford or loafer is a classic investment whilst a two-tone wing-tip or tasseled loafer are more irreverent options.
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Trench Coat Styling Tips

A classic trench coat is your eternal style savior; it transcends seasons, fashion fads and is an all-round evergreen. A trench will protect you from whatever life throws at you and be your go-to garment for a quick fix. One reason they remain so enduring in their appeal is their ‘blank canvas’ ability to adapt to trends and always be both of-the-moment yet timeless at the same time.

Beginning its humble life as a utilitarian garment designed in 1895 for British men fighting in the Boer War, the  tightly woven cotton gaberdine coat is now an A-list staple with the trademark storm flaps, epaulettes and belt remaining in place. Whether incongruously slung over jeans, a tee and pumps or over a super-sharp power-suit, you’ll always look ready for business.

For an effortlessly cool look like Clemence Posey, roll up the sleeves and leave the buttons undone. Her mens brogues and bowler hat give the look an extra masculine feel.

Emma Stone and Naomi Watts both style their matching trimmed Burberry trenches with indigo skinny jeans though Naomi knots her belt to de-formalize the look.  Knotting the belt rather than buckling it will always add an extra casual vibe.

Fergie’s ankle-skimming black trench has a luxe military feel and paired with killer boots looks turned-out and sophisticated. Thrown over a sweat suit, Madonna transforms a gym-bound outfit into something altogether more stylish. A popped collar with scarf will beat off those Fall chills as well!

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Custom Suits, Women's Tailored Shirts, Custom Suits Women, Tailored Womens Shirts, Custom Women's Shirts, Custom Dress Shirts Online, Custom Women's Suits

NEW YORK, New York – March 27, 2007 - Keith Lloyd Couture made a quick appearance at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square on March 8, 2007 to participate in a live auction to raise funds for charity. Keith Lloyd auctioned a hand-tailored suit made from the luxurious fabric Super 140’s Cashmere & SilverMink which fetched more than $2,000 – the top bid of the evening.

After the market closed, a house full of traders and other Wall Streeters took a welcome break from worrying about oil price movements and the U.S. housing crisis impact on the broader economy to indulge themselves in the sartorial tradition of bespoke tailoring, combined with Keith Lloyd’s signature design edge. The result was a bullish run-up in the bid price of the suit over just a few minutes to “close” at $2,275.

All proceeds benefited the non-profit organization “A Better Chance”. Oprah Winfrey, the national spokesperson for the organization, has also donated. It was great to join such notables in helping a great organization!

Tailored women's shirts and Custom Women’s Suits fit well since the measurements have been taken by the tailor and the right measurements have been taken. Custom Women’s Suits are common as official wear though they can also be used as casual wear.

Custom Made Shirts, Women's Custom Clothing, Tailored Womens Shirts

March 8 th,2010 (New York, NY)—Outfitting New York City’s socialites and famous sports stars alike, Keith Lloyd Couture lent its elegant fashion creations to help raise funds at this year’s 58th Annual New York Junior League Winter Ball.

New york (I-Newswire) November 1, 2012 - Luxury couture house donation fetches one of New York Junior League’s Annual Winter Ball highest auction bids

March 8 th,2010 (New York, NY)—Outfitting New York City’s socialites and famous sports stars alike, Keith Lloyd Couture lent its elegant fashion creations to help raise funds at this year’s 58th Annual New York Junior League Winter Ball.

The gala black tie event, held at the Plaza Hotel on February 27th, honored some of New York City’s most outstanding female volunteers with Vogue Magazine’s editor-at-large, AndrĂ© Leon Talley, as the master of ceremonies.
Keith Lloyd Couture, a premier fashion design and custom clothing company in New York City, donated clothing to the evening’s live auction event. The highly prized gift certificate—redeemable for a couture experience (for him or her) received the highest bid in its category—bringing in a whopping $5000. The winner will be treated to a personal consultation to design and tailor a one-of-a-kind luxury creation:

For her:
Dress and jacket from a couture fabric collection, and blazer from 100% baby cashmere.

For him:
A hand-tailored pant suit from super 140’s cashmere and silver mink, and a 100% baby cashmere blazer.

Thanks to growing popularity and sustained growth, Keith Lloyd Couture has been able to expand its philanthropic endeavors. Last year, the company supported the New York City community with contributions to 100 Women in Hedge Funds and the National Urban Technology Center’s educational initiatives for underserved youth. “This was our first year supporting the New York Junior League and we’re so proud we did,” explained Co-founder and Creative Director, Vihara Whittle. “Over the past four years, we’ve been privileged to be able to support local charities making a visible impact. And though our passion is rooted in improving clients’ images with uniquely designed, tailored clothing, it’s also important for us to be active in our community, improving the lives of others through charitable giving.” Participation in the New York Junior League’s Annual Ball is one of several sponsorships on Keith Lloyd Couture’s agenda. Later this year, the company plans to take part in an ambitious clothing drive to put unemployed job-seekers in confidence boosting business attire.

About Keith Lloyd Couture:
Keith Lloyd Couture is an appointment-only couture house in New York City. The company combines fashion design and hand tailoring to create unique designs for discerning customers. Described by
GQ Magazine as “very well cut” and conveying “wealth and finesse”, Keith Lloyd Couture offers buyers the best of two worlds: more options than a traditional tailor and a bespoke fit that cannot be had from an off-the-rack designer. The company’s high-tech approach to leveraging global supply chain pricing means clients get the best quality possible, in addition to unrivaled value.With business, casual, outer and formal wear—and a selection of over 3,000 of the world’s finest fabrics to choose from—clients relish in clothing of choice, not of chance
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About keithlloyd:
Keith Lloyd Couture is an appointment-only couture house in New York City. We create clothing collections and provide these unique designs directly to clients, bypassing mass-market retail outlets.

Company Contact Information
115 E 57th Street,Floor 11,New York, NY 10022,USA
Phone : 646-502-7521

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You can create an almost infinite outlook with tailored suits to give a formal or business casual look. This appeal in women's tailored suits, women's tailored shirts and custom women's suits makes them an appropriate style for various occasions. Although their design may change, these garments will always be in style.Women’s tailored suits Designed to fit neatly with trim lines and a clean and formal look you are assured of making a powerful style statement. These suits will boost your image and make you feel more confident. They are versatile, stylish and elegant, making them perfect for a collection of various occasions. Women tailored suits range from the more formal suitable for the office to the more glamorous outlook which is perfect for various social events.Women’s tailored shirts Build your confidence through a perfectly tailored shirt. These women's tailored shirts will complement your bodily features and highlight curves. Your shirts come in handy when it comes to mixing and matching your skirts to achieve an alluring look.These custom clothing give you that special feeling and a renewed confidence about oneself. Custom women’s suits are fitted to perfection and constructed with a very high quality to give you the style of your choice. They exude a very professional outlook regardless of their stylish taste. With most of the women’s suits been too large or too long these Custom Women’s suits are just the right fit for everyone. Regardless of body type, these outfits, measured to fit perfectly will surely leave a cut that compliments your body.Caring how you look shows you care about what others think of you or you want to look trendier than them. Whether your work entails a trendy business or a conservative one or you need to attend a formal interview, these tailored outfits are appropriate for you. Try these outfits for a different look.

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New York, New York – March 26, 2009 - Keith Lloyd Couture’s co-founder, Tyrone Whittle, was featured in the March ‘09 issue of GQ Magazine themed “The 10 Most Stylish Men in America”. Tyrone was dressed in a sophisticated Keith Lloyd Couture ensemble from the Fall/Winter collection: 2-button, single breasted Cashmere and Silver Mink Super 140’s suit, an engraved Bengali striped Sea Island cotton shirt, raw silk seven-fold tie, and luxurious Escorial Wool top coat.
Keith Lloyd Couture is one of New York’s premier new fashion houses, combining fashion design and bespoke tailoring for both men and women. Client’s get a unique shopping experience in the comfort of their living room that to some may be the next best thing to going to a New York Fashion Week Runway show! The company’s in-house fashion designers create design collections, and then conveniently visit clients in their home (or other location of choice) to choose designs to create an entire wardrobe of clothing that is hand tailored to perfection from some of the most luxurious fabrics in the world.
The GQ feature is a fitting endorsement of the timeless elegance of the Keith Lloyd Couture brand. Scott Schuman, contributing editor for GQ, says of Tyrone’s ensemble, “(very well-cut) suit to communicate wealth and finesse.”
With Keith Lloyd Couture, clients get designs they like that are impeccably hand tailored to fit their body type. They can truly elevate their wardrobe with well fitted, uniquely designed clothing. Lines include business wear, select casual wear, outerwear and formalwear.
The company is only in its third year and already clients include CEOs and top executives of major corporations, and New York City socialites. They have dressed the winner of NBC’s Donald Trump Apprentice, co-hosted an Apprentice victory party, hosted private trunk shows and donated to auctions/galas in Manhattan and the Hamptons with notable guests including First Lady of New York Michelle Paige Paterson, and former basketball star Allen Houston.

Women's tailored suits, women's tailored shirts, custom women's suits are made firstly by fixing a reputed and talented tailor. This job is of utmost importance because the tailor is the women who can increase or decrease the beauty of someone's dress. Women's custom suits made according to the body type keep in mind that women have different body types and each body type comes with different requirements and what will fit  one woman's body type won't fit another.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Advantages of Custom Tailored Shirts, Dresses and Suits for Women

Tailored dresses for women, custom suits for women and tailored women's shirts are an excellent answer to the numerous fashion problems that face women. Dresses, suits and shirts for women can all be tailored to your needs, specifications and measurements, including details and fabrics of your choice.

Women can have issues with fitting clothing. Tailored dresses for women, custom suits for women and tailored women's shirts can solve such issues. If you are thinking of having clothing that is designed just for you, then you are left with a number of choices available. You can order custom tailored dresses for women, custom suits for women and tailored women's shirts from a tailor/designer.

Tailored dresses for women are made specifically to the woman's measurements. The same case applies to custom suits for women and tailored women's shirts. In a number of cases, patterns can be even drafted for individual clothes. You can as well carry along commercial based patterns to a designer/tailor to have the clothing made. A dress can as well be made to recreate or replicate a favorite cloth.

Another significant benefit of custom made clothing is fit. Tailored dresses for women can account for both the shape and body size of the woman in a manner that ready to wear dresses cannot. If you struggle with fitting dresses, suits and shirts to your shoulders or wide hips, custom garments will perfectly fit you.

While tailored dresses for women, custom suits for women and tailored womens shirts may be costly, they are at times more affordable compared to other alternatives. This is mostly with regard to formal women dresses. You can be able to take photos of a choice of a dress or else a favorite dress to a tailor and get it tailored for less money compared to the retail cost.

Custom women clothing shops offer easy custom based clothing purchases online; nevertheless, you can visit a local tailor/ designer or even alterations shops to get your measurements taken.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ordering Custom Women's Suits

For years custom suit has been a service relished by male executives:
Although the look and fit of custom suits do wonders for most males, nowhere is a women's counter-part more needed. As women have more diversity when it comes to their figure, it becomes a troublesome task to find an off-the-rack custom women's suits suit that fits perfectly and also styled accordingly.

Custom women's suits:
In contrast to custom men's suits, where quality of the suit depends on the skills and process put into it, custom women's suits are a little different. This industry is basically new, providing their customers with the best outcome of the different processes sans the pretensions neighboring its men's counterpart. Understanding the following two processes for custom women's suits can help you a great deal in finding the best fit and style for your needs.

Bespoke is the traditional way that goes into the making of custom suits. In this process tailor starts by taking the required measurement to create an imperfect or a rough pattern. Then a best  garment is tailored womens shirts  which is used for fitting. This 'half tailored suit' is the major thing that differentiates the bespoke process from all other custom processes. Depending on the body, the fittings are made over the baste garment to perfect the pattern.

This is a fairly new process to the industry. Compared to bespoke, it is more time and cost effective way to create both custom suits. In this process raw measurements are taken and the required patterns are digitally drafted. Unlike its counterparts, wherein the ready-made patterns are revised to customers' measurements, this process starts from a new pattern. Therefore, similar to bespoke, custom also allows the suit to take all possible design. Digital drafting is the major difference between custom and bespoke.
Women’s custom clothing  are on a rise. While there are numerous body types and outfit pattern cuts, choosing the right jacket length, lapels, colors and patterns can do wonders to your style statement. As they say, a perfect outfit is the secret to confidence.